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 Kansas City, MO Show!

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PostSubject: Re: Kansas City, MO Show!   Kansas City, MO  Show! - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 8:53 am

From MJ's

Quote :
Matt Giraud: He tore up the whole arena with Hard To Handle! All I have to say. After Kradison, Matty is my next favorite, and he was another performer that I always heard great things about on tour. So I didn’t have any low expectations for him. They were very high, and he met them to the fullest and beyond. Hard To Handle was the perfect upbeat song for him, especially since he has nice thighs. Just saying. When he got to the piano during the performance, that’s when everything really started to take to new heights. After he was done, the couple in front of me stood and clapped for him before Georgia On My Mind. That was the first time someone in my section stood. Well deserved. Georgia was gorgeous. I missed it on the show so I was glad to see what all the hype was about that song and seeing him perform it. Hello, fedora! I don’t know why that thing is so special, but it is. Then his last song, You Found Me. When he sang this on the show, it was the week after he was left in the bottom 3, and you could tell he was trying too hard to impress people with the performance. No trying too hard here. It was very moving. Liked how he got up off the piano bench, finally, and stood in the middle of the stage, took his hat off, put it against his chest, sang the last note, and then fade out. He was gone. And he was the first REAL entertainment of the night. And my mom can testify to that!

Favorite Song: Hard To Handle. Way hot.

Beggin’ Medley: I had never seen this group performance from vids online, so this would’ve been a whole new thing for me. Starting with Megan coming on stage right and singing. There were all in different outfits. Then Lil came out in stage left and they started singing together. I didn’t know how this singing pair would turn out, but Megan’s higher voice and, for that night, Lil’s deeper one meshed well together. Then from below the stage came Matt and Scott’s dueling pianos. One of the highlights of the show! It was so fascinating, the sounds coming from it. I suddenly want to learn how to play the piano just so I could maybe attempt to do what they just did right there. Can’t even describe it. And again, Scott’s higher voice to Matt’s lower one complimented each other.

Then the last out for the night was Matt. Now HE was a TRIP! He was my favorite experience at the barricades, he was so interactive with everybody, cracking jokes, talking more than Kris to everybody. I saw him jumping around a bit, touching his hat every now and then. One of the first things I tweeted that night was SIGN MATT GIRAUD! And I’m serious, he really should get signed. I hope he knows how much some of us want him to. When he came up, I sincerely said “Matt, I think you really, really should get signed” and he looked into my eyes and said thank you. Then he brightened up a bit and joked about how a few people down, a girl asked him if Adam is coming out and said mockingly-jealous “We-we’re not good enough” And I laughed and he touched my hand and moved on. Oh, and I got the autograph while saying he should get signed. That was my favorite moment outside.

Matt is The American Idol!

twitter: @JennaSG

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Kansas City, MO Show!
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