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 Matt's Pendant

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PostSubject: Re: Matt's Pendant   Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:00 am

Janizzle wrote:
flicker wrote:


YES and watch when he shows the necklace.....I can't stop staring at his mouth!!

Was sooo excited when I saw this bt - but LOL I couldn't stop staring at his mouth either!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Matt's Pendant   Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:16 pm

macigirl wrote:
Hi everyone, here is the story of giving the pendant:

Jenna and I got to the fences at Pitt about 2 pm, straight from MI/OH. I was feeling very scattered during the whole drive because sgr at the last minute couldn't come. She had planned the trip and I felt so sad for her. And still do. Also, she was going to be our photographer which is her hobby. So my newish camera was not working (!), my laptop and Blackberry were at work (long story), my cell died and I had to use an old one. I felt like someone was trying to prevent me from going. I felt so jittery the whole drive and off balanced without sgr. Sgr and I have met and are BFFs! But I had never met Jenna. Picked up Jenna in Cleveland and we were like old friends. Thank god! Then I get us lost in crazy ass Pittsburgh. I thought I was going to miss Matt at the fences by 5 minutes after driving 6 hours! Success, Matt had not been out yet. Tons of fans at the fences. Jenna now wanted me to give pendant to Matt. What! I was much too nervous for that! I had not prepared for that! I had slept 3 hours the night before and was in a wired/shaky state of mind. We were supposed to give Matt the pendant at GR but Jenna thought we had to give it to him here because GR will be too crowded. She felt too shy and talked me into it. Now I am f-ing nervous.

About 30 minutes later Michael and Scott come out. They were both very subdued but so sweet. I take back everything I have ever said about Michael. He is a doll. I got his signature (who the hell wants signatures?? but what else are you going to do standing there). He signed it and I looked at it and couldn't tell up from down. He was a couple people away and I said Michael, I can't tell which way is up. He took the paper and turned it around and said it was kind of slanted. And he looked me in the eyes and smiled so kindly. OK, I am a fan. Then Scott comes. Everyone was quiet and not speaking, I think his blindness makes people uncomfortable. He was silent. So of course I have to speak . "Hi Scott, it is so nice to see you". He whispers "nice to see you too". He was very sweet sounding. Still not a fan but I wish him well. Got Danny's signature. He was smiling a lot but also rushing. No fan excitement for him. (?) He has incredibly great skin and arms but that is not enough to make me a fan.

Fifteen minutes later, Matt emerges from between the buses. OMFG. I am now a 12 year old fantard. He is wearing that blue plaid shirt with incredible jeans with lots of detailing on them. I am in middle of fence line and am watching him walk down the path. I can not take my eyes off of his jeans. I keep telling myself to look at his face! Later, Jenna said his hair was so beautiful. Sorry but my eyes never made it up that far! But something is wrong!!!! Matt is so quiet, so subdued, not smiling. He seems so tired. Matt is going very quickly down the line, not taking pictures but just signing. (we found out later that Matt came out about an hour later and was smiley and normal - oh great, I have to talk to him when he is scaring me! Razz ) The fans erupted into screams for Matt. Danny, Michael and Scott got no screams. A lady started a chant "I say Matt - you say Giraud". We were in Giraud country! Woo Hoo! But "grumpy" is getting closer to me and I am feeling pressure. He is moving so damn fast and not really saying much. I have to get his attention.

The main details of this encounter were later told to me by Jenna and the women around me. Together we reconstructed the story because I truthfully forgot it all the second it was over!!! I was complete mush! As Matt walks in front of me I say "I have a gift for you from the Giraud Squad from Penny Royal" and hand him the unwrapped small box. He stops and looks at me. Matt says "he is a good friend of mine and told me to look out for it". Jenna says "he wasn't supposed to tell you". Matt says "he didn't tell me what it was". Matt is being very sweet, very soft spoken and gentle. He smiles and says "thank you so much" a few times and starts signing autographs. Remember he has been rushing down the line. I twirl around and go OMG and twirl back. He then steps back to me and says "I want to see it" and holds out the box. It was so sweet that he wanted me to open it and show him. But I freak out. I am feeling such pressure to hurry because Matt has been so rushy up to this point. I start shaking and take the small box from him and am fumbling with this damn thing. I open the outer box and out falls a guitar pick which Matt bends down and picks up from the dirt. I pull out the inner box and hand it to Matt. He looks at pendant and says "Oh wow, that's great, thank you so much". He says this type of thing a few times. I remember talking but I don't know what I said. He moves down the line. I twirl around again and say OMG and twirl back. I am watching him sign autographs a few people down the line and all of a sudden he comes back to me! He says "Thank you so much, I really appreciate it", smiles and pats my hand 4 times.

Mission accomplished! Then to see him wearing it at Cleveland fences was so amazing. It is a beautiful pendant. It looks "rougher" in person than appears in picture. Artist did a great job.

p.s. Janizzle - I think you brought me luck with your story about Matt patting your hand and your good wishes for me! Who could think that a pat on the hand would be so powerful??

I love the story guys! Thanks so much for getting it made, Jenna and delivered to Matt by all of you. We all appreciate it so much! It really looks good on him. bounce bounce cheers cheers
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Matt's Pendant
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